The Cinema Graph was set up by a film student, for film students. By student, we don’t mean “sitting in a lecture hall, learning about the CinemaScope” (though that’s cool too!), we mean people who are dedicated to furthering their passion and their love for film, and through that, learning more about the medium as an art form and communicative tool.

Mia Sherry, founder & editor

Mia is currently an Undergraduate Film and English literature student at Trinity College Dublin. During her research as a Laidlaw Scholar, Mia was inspired to start The Cinemagraph as a way to heighten undergraduate voices in film scholarship. She has written extensively for Trinity Film Review, Trinity News and TN2. In 2020, Mia was selected to represent Ireland on the Venice Film Festival’s 27 Times Cinema jury.

Fionn Duffy, contributor

Fionn is a second year Undergraduate Film Studies and English Literature student at Trinity College Dublin. Although an avid fan of film throughout his life, on entering university, Fionn had only ever watched one film made before 1970, Sydney Lumet’s 1957 classic, 12 Angry Men.  However, it wasn’t long before films like Jean Vigo’s L’Atalante (1934) and Orson Welles’ Citizen Kane (1941) opened his mind to the decades of marvellous cinema he had not yet experienced. Fionn has written multiple reviews for student-run culture magazine TN2, also runs a meme page on Instagram, aptly named @BillyButWilder.

Heather Croghan, contributor

Heather completed her undergraduate degree in Ancient and Medieval History and Culture at Trinity Collect Dublin and is currently doing her Masters in Art Collection and Curation at University College Dublin. A self proclaimed movie buff, she wrote extensively on the importance of cinema, as well as film reviews for Trinity Film Review, Trinity News and TN2. During her time at Trinity, Heather was the Chairperson and Public Relations Officer of the Dublin University Film Society and hosted the Dublin University Film Festival, Ireland’s largest student run film festival. As Chairperson, she expanded the society’s membership, held weekly film themed events and encouraged the celebration of film on campus.

Megan Whitham, contributor

Megan Whitham is a third year undergraduate studying English Literature and Film Studies at Trinity College Dublin (TCD). Her areas of interest include postcolonial studies, star studies, literary adaptation, children’s media, and digital media, particularly social media, podcasts, video essays, and sites of fan culture. In the past, Megan has contributed to TCD’s film magazine, the Trinity Film Review, as well as made her own video essays, which can be viewed on her YouTube channel