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Notes from the Front Row: Film Festivals, Old and New

“they are so vastly different. But besides the temperature checks and mandatory mask-wearing in screens, what truly sets the pandemic era film festival apart from its predecessors is just how accessible it has become.”

Reframing Heathcliff: Andrea Arnold’s Wuthering Heights

Arnold’s 2011 adaptation of the classic novel ” opens up new considerations and perspectives on class, race, slavery, history, and gender, proving that, whatever their souls are made of, Arnold’s film and Brontë’s novel share the same spirit.”

The Art of the Haunted House

From Poltergeist (Tobe Hooper, 1982) to The Haunting of Bly Manor (Mike Flanagan, 2020), haunted houses have always been a classic staple in many horror films. Dubbed somewhat of a cliche, there is no doubt that it is one of the most common tropes in a scary movie. I mean what could be more scary?…

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